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PROPUP's goal is to provide real estate agents with the best possible support.

Posted on: 23.06.2021

Real Estat Agent Solution

The digital strategy of RE/MAX Austria is a commitment to the goals of RE/MAX over the next few years, which will increase productivity and efficiency in the Austrian network. The aim is to continue pursuing the IT roadmap and evaluating where additional support can be provided to shape digitalization in the real estate industry. Both RE/MAX and PROPUP are convinced that digitalization will not replace real estate agents but will support them even more in their everyday work to increase productivity and efficiency through digital solutions.

PROPUP's goal is to provide real estate agents with the best possible support. This means that we are currently working with RE/MAX Austria to see where digital solutions are needed to process real estate transactions more conveniently. The close cooperation enables us to develop and test new things quickly with a lot of workforces. In this way, we all work together to ensure that only the needed solutions are delivered.

Therefore, we have surveyed within the RE/MAX Austria network. The participants in the survey have a positive view of digitalization and see it as a support in their work and recognize new opportunities in their job. Real estate agents in the Austrian RE/MAX network feel digitally fit and want to use the potential of digitalization in many areas and actively help shape it.

We know the opinions, wishes, and concerns of the participants. However, we also see a confirmation of the previous measures and take on many responses, messages, and feedback and understand that this is an assignment to focus on digitalization. We also received a lot of information about which digital solutions work well, which less, where there is potential, or, for example: which documents during a real estate transaction can be processed digitally. We are currently also conducting expert interviews in the network to work on digital solutions together with real estate agents.

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