Soft launch of our MVP

The first milestone has been achieved!

Posted on: 04.08.2021


The first milestone has been achieved: every RE/MAX Austria member can log into the PROPUP platform with their RE/MAX access data and try out the first functionalities of PROPUP. More than 30 innovation ambassadors have registered within the RE/MAX Austria network to work together step by step on further digital solutions and how the future real estate agents will work. Currently, we are developing a platform that digitizes the individual steps of a real estate transaction between real estate agents, buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and third parties such as banks, notaries, and lawyers and thus makes the process of a real estate transaction more effective and productive for everyone involved. Technically, PROPUP is an integration platform that integrates existing solutions on the market and brings not yet digitized steps in the journey from the analog to the digital world.

Our intensive research phase and the exchange with real estate agents have shown that there are very specific ideas about what to start with in addition to all-in-one software. Therefore, we want to enable paperless real estate agents through the digital form system for real estate transactions in the first step. We are just starting with the visiting bond. On average, around 150,000 visiting bonds are filled out each year in the RE/MAX AT network. The reason for a viewing bond is to assure the real estate agent that the interested party of a property will not come into direct contact with the seller after viewing to avoid the real estate agent´s commission.

A comprehensive concept of digital forms in the real estate process to the customer creates a significant increase in efficiency. These processes are not only more effective to work with but also better for the environment. The aim is to integrate good, existing solutions on the market into our platform. Therefore, in addition to in-house development, we can enable an all-in-one experience relatively quickly.

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