We have launched our next feature! The digital handover protocol is now available.

Remember? In the first step, the PROPUP platform enables digital forms for real estate agents. This increases efficiency in day-to-day work and offers end customers more digital customer experiences.

Posted on: 07.10.2021

Handover Protocol

After the digital visiting bond, we worked with the RE/MAX innovation ambassadors on the digital handover protocol.

What can this form do, and what is it for? When selling or renting real estate, you should always draw up a handover protocol. This briefly summarizes the condition of an apartment or house at the time of handover. For example, in this protocol, possible deficiencies are documented and can also serve as evidence in the future. In addition, all keys, inventory status, meter readings, contact person, deposit, and all other relevant information about the handover are recorded.

The digital handover protocol is now being tested in a beta version to improve and expand the existing version continuously. The final version will make individual process steps more efficient during the handover and enable the end customer to have a more digital customer experience.

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