Founding a startup in a global pandemic

The goal is to design a digital experience that supports people in their projects …

Posted on: 09.04.2021


It sounds more dramatic than it is. But in reality it was the same for all of us. Testing, masks, zoom calls, screen sharing. That’s it. If we had a choice, we would have taken our founding photo with no mask on our faces. But that’s not what it is about at the end of the day. Aside from the human and economic disaster, I read a line many times a year ago. „Who made your company more digital? CTO or COVID?“ While it’s funny, it´s true as well. And I don’t just mean switching to Zoom, MS Teams or Miro. I mean that one impulse that got you thinking. To deal with the fact that from now on, everything might be different. Thinking about how you can spend your private and professional life worth living.

As we already discussed in the last blog post, digitalization begins in your mind. What if digitalization is more than a slowly developing trend but a sudden reaction to a disaster like a pandemic that at one point unleashes its potential and builds a new reality for us that will support us even in those difficult times.

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