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We believe that every person should benefit from more fairness, transparency, and efficiency in the real estate industry. Therefore, our mission is to provide innovative software for processing real estate transactions with a modern and personal customer experience. Our vision is to digitally connect everyone involved in a real estate transaction in a practical, contemporary, and transparent way.

Our software solution simplifies the processing of real estate transactions for real estate agents through a digital platform, which enables work steps to be carried out more efficiently and sustainably and to meet the customer needs of a digital generation. The time savings for more personal contact with customers and the intuitive handling of the software come first. With PROPUP, you actively shape the future of the real estate industry.


We have been working continuously on expanding and improving our product since April 2021. It is important to us to be in regular contact with real estate agents to quickly implement feedback and ideas. What will the PROPUP platform be able to do?

Everything in one place.

All objects, customers & information centrally and clearly in an easy and intuitive dashboard.

More time for customers

Faster handling of standard processes thanks to the digital form system and the digital connection with all parties involved in a transaction. This means more time for personal and customer needs.

Services for a digital age

Better service and contemporary customer experience for buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords of real estate.

Time saving through central usage

Further time savings through the integration of software that has already been used - No more multiple data enterings.

No more costs for printing and no environmental impact

Thanks to the digital document storage and processing of the forms, you save printing costs and reduce the environmental impact that occurs during paper production.

We develop our platform step by step

We work closely with real estate agents to find out where software can best support agents now and in the future. In the first step, we want to enable the paperless real estate agent and concentrate on the digital processing of the forms.

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Release Notes

Here you will find regular updates on our ideas, milestones, and our software

Soft launch of our MVP.

The first milestone has been achieved!

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Friend or foe - Are PropTechs challenging the real estate industry?

Yes, we are! By supporting real estate agents.

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From an idea to a working software.

Apart from the business model, the development of the software is crucial.

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Culture & founders

With years of experience in strategy, sales, marketing, consulting, and IT transformation within financial institutions, the founders complement each other perfectly.

Kristof Konstantin
Kristof Konstantin
Michael Reikersdorfer
Michael Reikersdorfer
Timo Schwarzkopf
Timo Schwarzkopf


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